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Autor Assunto: Patch 2.301 - Status (actualizado a 9 de Abril)

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  colocado a 2008/4/10 ás 13:32
Patch 2.301 now in QA testing.

Company of Heroes Release Notes



- Resolved a game arbitration issue when the game resulted in a sync error.


- Fixed World Builder to export correctly. All custom maps should now save correctly. Be sure to re-save your custom maps to carry over these properties.
- Updated save game version. Save games previous to 2.300 will not be compatible with the current version of Company of Heroes.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to teleport garrisoned troops.
- -dev mode has been re-enabled.


- British Bren carriers and Bren gunners will no longer be able to button Flakvierlings, 88s, AT guns, Howitzers.
- Strafing run has been tuned.
- US M8 Greyhound and Wehrmacht SdKfz 234 Armoured cars have had their target accuracy modifiers reduced from 0.73 and 0.82 respectively to .9.
- US M8 Greyhound and SdKfz 234 Armoured Cars moving accuracy modifiers changed from 0.6 to 0.8.
- Light vehicle received accuracy modifier on light engine damage critical changed from 1.25 to 1.35.
- Sniper detection radius reduced from 3m to 1m.
- Panzer Elite Defensive Veterancy Vehicle modifiers tuned at vet levels 2 and 3. Received accuracy and damage modifiers reduced, health maximum modifiers reduced.
- Panzer Elite 222 Armoured cars have their health bonus at Vet 1 reduced from 30 to 15.

Maps Changes

- Several map weather settings have been tuned.
- The Scheldt - Two bridges to centre island replaced with land bridges.
- Hochwald Gap - Tweaked territory near bridge crossings, widened bridge crossings from each base, removed a large number of fx markers.
- St. Mere Dumont - several buildings replaced so window facings are more equitable between north and south facing.
- St. Mere Dumont - moved some fuel points to prevent them from being captured on the wrong side of a wall.
- Wrecked Train - cleared some debris from the center of the map
- Wrecked Train - removed some tank traps blocking access to one of the fuel points
- Langres - Moved one of the strategic points slightly. Rebalanced VP locations slightly so that both have equal coverage from defensive buildings.
- Beaux Lowlands - Updated to 3 VPs
- Beaux Lowlands - replaced high munition point with strategic point.
- Sturzdorf - bottom player has one extra ramp up to the high fuel area.
- Minor pathing changes to Linden to enable Kettens to capture a point.
- Verriers Ridge - added version of map with no repairable bunkers (playable with Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts).

Plus: Some console changes that we will provide more information about when the patch goes live.


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